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How To Use Erection Switches To Get And Stay Hard Throughout Sex And Give Women Intense Pleasure

As the name suggests Erection Switches are specific triggers you learn to activate inside of yourself that make you almost instantly fully erect.

But because of a lack of knowledge and awareness that Erection Switches exist, guys blame other factors.

Then, to make things worse, pharmaceutical companies take advantage of this lack of knowledge and persuade people into thinking that the solution lies in expensive medication.

And with the billions they have to spend on advertising, it’s pretty easy to see how they’re successful at persuading most people that a pill is the solution.

But the truth is that there is a 100% natural solution to this problem

And the pharmaceutical industry is going to hate me for sharing it.


Let me explain a little more about Erection Switches, because this is the key to getting and keeping rock-hard erections whenever you want.

Everything you need to know is based on this fundamental fact…

As long as you have the ability to get a full erection – with the right techniques, you have the power to train your body to become fully erect (and often even harder than you previously have been able to get) whenever you want.

See, as long as you have the physical capability to get a full erection… whether it’s by watching porn, masturbating by yourself, or even just first thing in the morning or while you’re sleeping…

Then you can use specific techniques to create an Erection Switch within your body to recreate and enhance that same erection in any situation…

No matter how scary or intimidating that situation may seem and no matter how challenging that situation may seem.

And as soon as you start doing this… as soon as you start getting and maintaining rock-hard erections throughout sex… that’s when you’ll start blowing your lover’s mind from all the pleasure you give her.

See, one of the main determining factors of how much pleasure a woman experiences during sex is how much stimulation you can give to a woman’s vagina.

And how do you think the stimulation to a woman’s vagina varies between a soft semi-erect penis and a rock-hard penis?

The difference is huge.

In fact almost all women when asked will tell you that they actually prefer having sex with a smaller but hard penis than an extra large but soft penis

Look, when you can get and keep a rock-hard erection during sex everything will change for you.

Your lover will enjoy sex significantly more and your confidence will sky-rocket knowing you have the power to deliver the kind of pleasure that makes her beg for more sex from you.

Forget about trying to convince your partner to have sex or feeling anxiety or inadequate around women…

When you know you have the power to stimulate and pleasure a woman in ways other men only dream of…

You’ll be an unstoppable force when it comes to women… and any challenges you’ve had related to sex or perhaps caused in your relationship because of problems related to sex… will be a thing of the past.

Ok, so how do you make this change…

How do you create and use an Erection Switch so you can get and keep a rock-hard erection whenever you want?

Well, firstly you’ve got to follow these 4 steps…

#1 – Give up a dependency on medications to get hard

If you have the physical ability to get an erection, you shouldn’t need medication to help you do that.

If you can get erections in certain situations, but not when it counts, then it’s not a lack of medication that’s the problem…

It’s an inability to trigger your erection in the right environment that’s holding you back.

And as much as pharmaceutical companies will try and convince you otherwise…

Obsessing over and building a dependency on medication will not fix this… in fact it will probably hinder your progress.

#2 – Stop blaming yourself

If you can’t get or stay hard when it really matters, it’s not your fault.

It’s nothing to do with your genes or your personality.

It’s nothing to do with how confident you feel or what kind of person you are…

It’s simply a lack of understanding of how to flip your Erection Switch.

#3 – Realize that age is rarely the determining factor

And what they mean by this statement is the inability to get an keep an erection is not a natural or inevitable result of your age

If you’ve experienced a natural erection at any time in the last 3 months, then you have the power to train yourself to have an erection on your command and often to train yourself to have a much harder erection too.

So whether you’ve just turned 18 or whether you’ve just retired, as long as you have the ability to get an erection naturally then it doesn’t matter how old you are, because you can still train yourself to get hard whenever you want with the right techniques.

#4 – Accept that it’s not her fault

Now it may be true that your lover does certain things that don’t help you to get or maintain your erection during foreplay or sex…

But let me ask you this…

Who is the one that’s getting the erection

You… or her?

What I mean by this is that even if your lover does things that may make it more difficult for you to get and stay hard…

Ultimately you are the one with the power to get an erection, and once you learn how to flip your Erection Switch it won’t matter what’s happening around you or what your lover does because since it’s your body you are the one holding the on and off switch to your erection.

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