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About Jack Grave

Hi, it’s Jack Grave here.

Let me take a second to introduce myself and help you understand “who the guy is” behind this website.

And through these various programs as well as other media outlets I’ve now taught my techniques to over 1 million men

And all the time I get messages from guys telling me how my techniques have helped them re-invigorate their sex lives, transform their sexual abilities and even save failing marriages.

And right now I’m here to tell you that if you have a problem getting an erection when it really counts then you need to pay close attention.

Because not having the ability to satisfy a woman can cost you dearly

I should know because before I became successful with women and eventually attracted the girl of my dreams, I went through all sorts of failures with women… from being cheated on… to being laughed at… to being publicly rejected… to stuff I’m too embarrassed to even mention here…

And all these things happened to me, because I didn’t have the ability to satisfy a woman.

If you want to find and keep the kind of quality you woman you want or have… being able to please her sexually is essential.


How many stories have you heard of women in relationships running off and sleeping with other men?

Personally, I know of countless stories.

But let me ask you this…

Do you think these women would bother going to sleep with other men if every sexual desire and fantasy they could have ever dreamed of was being met by their current partner?

No way in hell.

Because there would be no need to.

So if you want to attract and keep a hot and intelligent woman, but you can’t get and keep a full hard erection…

You’re going to have problems.

Now the good news is that virtually all sexual problems, including failing to get and keep full erections, can be fixed 100% naturally.

And I can tell you first-hand that after going through countless tough times with women I eventually figured out that with the right techniques, there’s almost no sexual challenge that can’t be overcome naturally.

All the problems that I had blamed on things like my genetics or the specific woman involved… were actually being caused by a lack of knowledge of what to do to solve the problem.

Let me give you an example relating to getting erections fast…

Have you ever wondered why some guys can get erections while masturbating or watching porn, but then fail to do so when it comes to actually having sex, putting on a condom or being in any remotely sexual environment with a woman?

Well what’s interesting about the situation I just described is that these guys have clearly shown that they have the ability to get an erection, because they can do so in certain environments…

However, when it comes to certain sexual situations that’s when they fail to get hard.

Most guys when this happens end up blaming things like the woman they’re with or themselves and their genes or a lack of a certain prescription medication.

But what’s really going on here?

Well, since these guys have shown they have the ability to get an erection it can’t just be these things that most guys blame for stopping them from getting an erection.

See, what’s really going on is that these guys just don’t know how to create and use what I call their Erection Switch.

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